Best Cat Strollers

Leaving pets at home is something that no one likes. With a pet stroller, you’ll be able to bring the furry little guy with you on all of your adventures! Many think that pet strollers are only for dogs, but cats are also welcome in many of the strollers on the market! So here is a list of some of the best cat strollers on the market today! 

BestPet Cage 3-Wheeled Pet Stroller

This three-wheeled stroller from BestPet is made from durable mesh and oxford cloth to provide airflow and water resistance for your cat. It is a great stroller if you travel often as it collapses easily for quick storage and the wheels can turn 360 degrees, allowing for easy mobility. The stroller has a cup holder and an under carry storage compartment to put things like snacks or water. 

Tutto Lightweight Pet Stroller

This stroller from Tutto is very lightweight and is also foldable and wheeled! It has a strong fiberglass cage design that gives your cat protection while inside, while also providing visibility and breathability. Its ability to fold makes storage very convenient and easy compared to other cat strollers. This is a perfect stroller for those who travel often, whether that be via airplane or bus as it looks just like a typical luggage bag. 

TOGfit Pet Roadster

The TOGfit Pet Roadster is an amazing stroller that allows you to bring your cat on your next trip. The interior is fitted with a soft and cozy mattress that guarantees high comfort! The netting of the stroller is tear-proof and durable just in case your cat wants to claw at it. Zipper access from both sides, the back, and front makes it easy to get your cat into the stroller. It also has six-inch wheels on it to allow you to tackle terrains that most strollers wouldn’t be able to. Made of durable mesh and denier nylon, this stroller is tough and water-resistant while also providing airflow and visibility. Fit with a protective sun canopy and top, front, and rear ventilation, this stroller won’t get your cat too hot during the warm months. The Flexzion stroller also folds down to a much smaller size with the press of a button making it great for those who travel often. 

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

This stroller from Pet Gear is a pricier option but is one of the most reliable. Made from 600 Denier water-resistant material, this stroller is tough and can withstand the elements. With the option for Air Ride tires, you can take your cat on longer walks or rougher terrain since these wheels help stabilize the stroller and also add extra comfort to the journey for your cat. This stroller from Pet Gear also has no zippers! Instead, they use easy-locking latches that make access to the inside of the stroller much easier. Even though the image has a dog inside, this stroller is more than capable of accommodating cats! 

All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller

This all-terrain stroller is made of durable materials such as mesh and oxford cloth that make the adventure safer for your cat. The large 6.3-inch wheels glide easily over smooth or rough terrain and can rotate 360 degrees! This troller also has a rain cover that helps keep rain from getting inside the compartment your cat will be in. This is another stroller that can collapse down for convenient storage, making it a viable option for those who tend to travel often.