Portage Bay Café (Seattle, Washington)

Portage Bay Café is a lovely little coffee shop in downtown Seattle that offers local and sustainable fare, good eats, and positive vibes for you and your furry friend next time you visit. Be sure to grab your pup and hit this adorable little café tucked up in one of the best parts of Seattle. Portage offers some delicious menu items such as benedicts, sandwiches, pancakes, omelettes, and more! With prime location and great products, it’s a wonder this place isn’t always busy! 


Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar (Westminster, California)

Lazy Dog is a great place to bring your dog after a long day and you want to get out of the house to celebrate together. You and your pup each have menus to scavenge and choose from a variety of offerings! Menu items vary from burgers, soups, fish, meat, tv dinners, and much, much more! With a variety of health friendly options, and a dog friendly atmosphere, this place is truly a slice of heaven for the whole family, and yes that includes Fido. 


Pig and a Jelly Jar (Salt Lake City, Utah)

With a unique name like this, who wouldn’t be intrigued? Specializing in southern comfort food, this restaurant has all the qualities that makes a great establishment. And to top if off, the outside seating is dog friendly. With family style meal options such as a fried chicken bucket and pulled pork mac and cheese, this is a great place to come with the whole family, including Fido! They also offer personal meals that range from green eggs and ham to catfish and chips! A place that has a unique name, great dining options, and lets you bring in your pup? It’s a wonder why I’m not there right now!

Yard Bar (Austin, Texas)

Yard bar is a wonderful half restaurant, half dog park suitable for a good afternoon. Devour on some delicious foods, while selecting from a broad array of beer, wine, and cocktails. Some of the menu items for us humans include burgers, BLT, and chicken bites! They also offer menus for your pup as well, so everyone has something tasty to eat! Your pet can chow down on some meatballs and gravy and then for dessert, decide between good dog ice cream or cookies! So kick back, relax, enjoy delicious food and drink all while Fido has a blast in the expansive dog park near the back of the establishment. 


Westside Local (Kansas City, Missouri)

Westside Local offers a great selection of beer and cocktails, as well as offering casual comfort food, all to enjoy while your four-legged friend is right next to you. You can enjoy many great items from the “blunch” menu! Some items to list off are the fried chicken sammy, pork chilaquiles, and the braised short rib burrito! Not only is the location with this place prime, but it has been quoted with having great customer service as well. The perfect way to end a long strenuous day! Especially given the higher end feel to this place, you and Fido will feel like you’re eating in a 5-star restaurant. 

Doolittles Woodfire Grill (Madison, Wisconsin) 

Doolittle’s is a rustic twist on traditional foods. This place has a more authentic feel to it than most restaurants. From burgers and steaks, all the way to Jerk Pork Tenderloin, your four-legged friend will be thanking you for bringing them to an establishment such as this! Doolittles also offers a wide variety of wines that you can pair with your meal to make it absolutely perfect! With a pet friendly vibe, and outstanding customer service, there’s more reasons to go then there are to cook at home!


Double Dogs (Lexington, Kentucky) 

Double Dogs is a delightful eatery that doubles as a pet friendly sports bar! While you’re kicking back watching the game eating your delicious meal, your four-legged friend is right beside you just like at home! Double Dogs has some classic food items such as chicken wings, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese, and so much more! This is a great way to get you and your pup out of the house and into a delectable food establishment all while having the same satisfaction as you would cooking and eating at home.

Double Wide Grill (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Double Wide Grill has a broad selection of foods ranging from Tijuana rice balls all the way to a pulled pork platter, this menu is diverse to say the least. And not only for you, but your pet as well! With an entire menu dedicated to soothing your pup, this is a guarantee to have your pets tail wagging at the thought of bringing him here. On your next early night, make sure to check out this place for a great deal, and even greater food. You and your four-legged companion will not regret it!