Many don’t know that some cats love going on walks! They love to enjoy the outdoors just as much as dogs, so a harness may be a good idea, especially if your cat likes to bolt off occasionally. So here are the best cat harnesses available for you! 

PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness

This cat harness from PUPTECK is a vest for your cat that will keep them warm while also keeping them close to you. The soft mesh material makes it comfortable and keeps them a good temperature even in hot weather. With two different closure sites, the harness has two layers of protection if your cat manages to get one of the closures loose. The two heavy D-rings allow you to attach a leash or even a bell. 

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness

This harness is perfect for those cats that love to go on walks! The harness is designed to allow owners to keep their furball close while also allowing some freedom for the cat. The bungee leash attached to it provides some give for both parties when out exploring. The adjustable fit and size varieties make it so cats of all sizes will feel comfortable while wearing this harness. With a multitude of colors available, your cat will be looking extra stylish when in this harness! 

Coastal Pet Mesh Cat Harness

This cat harness from Coastal Pet is a very affordable and reliable option. The lightweight mesh material it’s made of allows comfort for your cat. It also won’t get too hot when wearing it in the summertime due to its high breathability. It is very easy to put on as it is a one-piece harness and it is adjustable, allowing different sized cats to be able to wear it. 

Dexil Color Coded Cat Harness

Dexil introduces a cat harness that is effective and also fun. This vest is padded and warm enough to wear during the winter season and it is also water-resistant! The bright color of the vest allows for greater visibility during times of low light. There is a D-ring on the front of the vest that can have a leash attached to it, giving you greater control of your cat if they like to pull. The vest has an embroidered message on it that varies from “No Dogs” to “Friendly”, giving the vest some character while also letting others know how comfortable your cat is around certain things. 

Dexil Luxury Cat Harness

This harness is another from Dexil and is just as effective. It has additional padding that allows for extra comfort and warmth. It comes in a small-medium and large-extra large size that makes it capable of fitting on cats of varying sizes. Its water-resistant capabilities make it safe to wear for those cats who are a little more adventurous on their walks. It is also fitted with a D-ring in the front for added control for the owner or the possible attachment of accessories such as a name tag or bell. 

Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness

This simple and effective cat harness from Red Dingo is made from premium nylon webbing. It is woven from quality fine yarn that gives the harness a softer feel, meaning more added comfortability for your cat. It is adjustable to fit, so all cats will be able to wear it, no matter what size they are. Attaching the harness is easy and the clips are shaped like fish, giving the harness a bit of character!