Collars allow us to give our pets a sense of style, while also giving them a safety blanket for if they ever get lost. Cat collars are an item that should be used more often for these reasons! So here are the best cat collars that are available today!

Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar

Bemix Pets produces a reflective cat collar that is made of high-quality nylon and reflective material that makes it very durable. The reflective ability of the collar allows passing cars and others to see your cat at night when it can be difficult to see your little friend. There is also a bell attached to the collar that makes noise when the cat is moving, giving you a sense of where they are when they aren’t in eyesight. It is adjustable as well so it can fit on cats of all sizes! Coming in a pack of six and a variety of colors, you can decide what color fits your cat the best! 

BRONZEDOG Leather Cat Collar

This leather cat collar from BRONZEDOG is a sturdy and reliable collar. Made from hand split leather, this collar was designed to be durable while also providing comfort for your cat. The brightness of the color makes it easier to see your cat when it is dark outside, making it a very safe option. The total length of the collar comes to around 12.5 inches and since it is adjustable, it can fit on most cats! 

CHUKCHI Soft Velvet Adjustable Cat Collar

If you’re looking to add a bit more style to your cat’s collar, this collar from CHUKCHI is great. Made from a velvet material, this collar will be extremely comfortable. The rows of diamond rhinestones will make your cat look very stylish in their new collar. The collar is adjustable and stretchy enough so it’s not too tight. It even has a bell on it that adds extra style and also a marker for where your cat is! 

Lamphy Cat Collar with Bow-Tie

This collar from Lamphy will be very comfortable as it is made from high-quality cotton. This durable and strong material is made into a classic plaid style, giving your cat some style of their own! With the addition of the moveable bowtie, this collar will stand out and be unique amongst all other collars. There is also a bell attached to the collar, which seems to be a theme for all of these fantastic cat collars! 

Prime Options Reflective Cat Collar 

This simple collar does the job with its reflective capability. The reflective safety strip around the collar allows for easy visibility when it is usually too hard to see the little furball. The collar itself is made from strong polyester fabric and has smooth tapered edges for added comfortability. Once again, this collar is fitted with a removable bell that makes it easier to find your cat when they are out and about. 

Gigamax Adjustable Cat Collar

This collar combines the usefulness of a collar and the style of a bandana! Gigamax provides this collar that is made of leather, making it durable and also comfortable. The bandana has a nice design on it, giving the collar a very unique feel to it. With its adjustable capability and four different sizes, it can fit on cats of nearly all sizes. It also comes in seven different colors, so you can pick which one would best fit your cat’s style!