Finding good entertainment for our dogs can sometimes be difficult. Dog toys are the obvious choice, but can be hit or miss on whether our furry little friends like them or not! That’s why today we’re going to take a look at some of the best dog toys made in the US and the overall health benefits of our pets having toys. 

Health Benefits

Dogs toys are something that every furry companion needs. Toys are obviously a benefit as they give dogs much needed exercise and entertainment, but there are more accompanying benefits. Dog toys can help stimulate our pet’s minds and ease negative feelings. They help prevent boredom and anxiousness as they provide something to do and give them a sense of safety when their favorite toy is around. Dog toys are also great for puppies when they are first growing their teeth. Puppies’ gums can get very sore and chewing on a toy can help alleviate the pain associated with this process. Dog toys can also help build on the bond between owner and pet. The more you play with them, more trust and love is built in the relationship! 

Orbee Tuff Squeak

The Orbee Tuff Squeak is the choice for you if you want the most durable squeak toy. The rubber used to make this toy is durable enough to keep teeth from penetrating while also being soft enough to squeeze when your pet plays with it! The squeaking sound produced by the Orbee Tuff is a little fainter than most others, but that is fine since dogs have a very keen sense of hearing. The ball is extremely bouncy and also floats on water making it easy to retrieve. The Orbee Tuff also has a mint scent on it, which gives the dog something to sniff for whenever they are looking for their toy! The Orbee Tuff Squeak is three inches wide, so it may not be best suited for very small dogs, but is great for all other sizes. 


Chew toys for dogs are infamous for being torn to shreds in minutes. With the Goughnuts, those worries go away. This ring shaped toy was designed with more durable and safe material to make your dogs chewing experience longer lasting! The Goughnut is available in three different sizes depending on dog size and chewing capabilities. The Goughnut Regular is suitable for smaller dogs who have less chewing power. The Goughnut MaXX is perfect for those more medium sized dogs who love to chew and have a great time. The biggest size, the Goughnut Buster, is best suited for the big sized dogs who have the strongest chewing power. Each Goughnut has been tested to make sure that only small punctures and scratches were able to be made, giving it a long lasting durability. If a tear does happen, exposing the red inner core, you can send it back and get a brand new one! 

Jolly Soccer Ball 

Some dogs love to play fetch and those small toys just don’t cut it. This is where the Jolly Soccer Ball introduces itself. This ball is much better than any other soccer ball you could get for your dog as it is designed to never deflate or pop. Even if your dog manages to puncture the outer layer, the Jolly Soccer Ball will keep its shape. Coming in at both a small (6 inches) and large (8 inches) size, this is a great toy for any sized dog. This ball has a firmer feel, but is still able to be kicked a far distance, allowing your best bud to run for it forever! 

Kong Flyer

The Kong Flyer is revolutionary in the dog frisbee game. Hitting just the right spot between performance and durability, the Kong Flyer allows dogs to have just as much fun if they were playing with a regular frisbee, minus the hard texture. Made with rubber, this frisbee still flies a considerably far distance and is much easier for our pets to pick up upon retrieval. Fit in both a small (7 ½ inch) and large (9 ½ inch) size, the Kong Flyer can be used by dogs of all sizes. The Kong Flyer also has different variations that suit dogs who are stronger chewers! One downside of this frisbee is that if it does go in the water, it will sink, so be aware of that! 

West Paw Bumi

The West Paw Bumi is a tug-of-war toy that seems typical, but will be endless fun for both you and your pup. Before play, it looks very similar to any other tug toy, but once the war begins, the West Paw Bumi elongates and doubles in size! The unique flexing of the Bumi makes it easier for us humans to hold on as it reduces arm swaying caused by our pups rocking their heads back and forth. The Bumi is available in two different sizes and is considered one of the toughest tug toys on the market, so everlasting fun is on the horizon! 

West Paw Jive 

Another toy brought to you by West Paw, the Jive is power chewer’s fetching ball dream. The Jive can be thrown farther, bounce higher, and is essentially indestructible, making it a much better alternative to the average tennis ball. It is made from heavy duty, FDA compliant rubber so it is very safe for our ferocious chewers! Available in X-small (2 inch), small (2 ⅖ inch), and large (3 ¼ inch) sizes, this is the perfect fetching device for every dog. It fits perfectly into the standard ball thrower, so no need for all the slobber on our hands! The one downside is that the Jive is a little more heavy duty than a tennis ball, making it a bit more unsuitable for indoor play. So get outside and throw this great toy around! 

SmartPetLove Behavioral Aid Toy

If your dog has ever experienced loneliness or anxiety, this toy is perfect for them. The SmartPetLove Behavioral Aid Toy gives our pets a sense of comfort whenever they are feeling a little lonely or just want something to snuggle with. This toy is fitted with a pulsing heartbeat that can be heard and felt and is designed to soothe pets whenever they feel anxious. It’s perfect for puppies who are first experiencing life without mothers as it acts as a little safe haven for them. It also comes with disposable heat packs that give our pups a little warmth when cuddling their toy. The SmartPetLove is also machine washable! 

SodaPup Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This toy produced by SodaPup is a great stimulant for the greatest of chewers. This treat dispensing toy allows for all day fun as they will be trying to get those treats out! Made from all natural rubber, this toy is more than safe for your pup’s soon found all day chewing endeavors. There are openings on both ends of the toy, giving Fido two options on how he can possibly get his treats. It can be challenging to get the treat, so your pup will be entertained for a long time! 

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Hide & Seek Toy

This toy gives our furry little friends a soft toy to play with and a challenging, interactive experience! ZippyPaws presents Woodland Friends Hide & Seek, a toy with multiple different parts to it. Fit with a log and three little squirrels, this toy is essentially a four-in-one toy. The squirrels love hiding inside the log, giving our pets the opportunity to try and get them out and play! The plush material used on both the log and squirrels gives the pup a safe play experience. ZippyPaws designed the Woodland Friends to be suitable for all sized dogs, so get one today and see how your pup likes it! 

American Dog Big Red Lips

This toy is fun for both our pets and us! The American Dog Big Red Lips toy gives our pup a plush toy to play with while also giving them a brand new look! There is a squeaker strategically placed inside the toy, giving your pet a challenging, but stimulating experience. The Big Red Lips are great for fetch on land and water, as they can float! The lips are made from 1000D Cordura, making them very durable and long lasting, even for the greatest of chewers.