The Best US Made Dog Beds

Everyone loves themselves a good night sleep or even a nice afternoon nap, especially our dogs! Getting them the best bed available is something all pet owners should try to do in order to keep their energy levels stable and their health in check. Here is a list of some of the best US made dog beds for your furry little friend to doze off on! 

Dog Bed King USA Pet Bed

This orthopedic dog bed will give your dog some of the best rests in their life! Dog Bed King USA Pet Bed has memory foam padding that forms around your dog’s sleeping position that will cradle them and keep them very comfortable. A big plus of this bed is that it has a removable cover that is machine washable, just in case your pup gets their bed a bit dirty. The bottom is covered in a protective vinyl layer that protects the integrity of the bed even if your furry friend is an avid digger! You may want to order this bed a size bigger than you think as they seem to run a bit small, but other than that, this is a must get dog bed! 

Big Barker Bed

The Big Barker Bed will require you to spend a good amount of money, but it is one of the best dog beds on the market. This bed was originally designed for bigger dogs and is especially helpful for those older dogs who have joint issues. The thick memory foam padding of the bed has been proven to help alleviate pain and provide for greater mobility after using it! Another plus is that the foam has a machine-washable cover on it, so keeping it clean for your four legged companion should be no problem. Even though this bed is more suitable for larger dogs, smaller dogs still can enjoy using it as they’ll just have more room to lounge! 

West Paw Montana Nap Dog Bed

This bed is not only friendly for your dog, it is very environmentally friendly as well! West Paw USA Made Dog Bed is filled with Intelliloft fiber that provides great comfort for your dog and is made from recycled plastic! The soft velvet exterior is machine washable and the back side is made of canvas that protects the bed whenever your pup feels like digging! This bed is big enough for some larger dogs and is small enough to be able to be put inside of kennels. 

Jax and Bones Wool Blend Lounge Bed

If your dog has allergies, then this bed is perfect for them! Jax and Bones guarantees that the inner lining fiber is allergy-free, allowing your pup to get a good night's rest . The outer cover is made of a heavy duty polyester blend that can withstand lots of wear and tear and is also machine washable. This bed is great for lining a crate or if you are traveling. This bed isn’t much of a support bed, rather it keeps its shape allowing for longevity, so it may not be the best option for dogs who like a little bit of a softer, more supporting bed! 

Kuranda Dog Bed

This dog bed is very unique compared to the others on the list as it’s made of aluminum. The Kuranda Dog Bed is great for dogs who love to dig and chew on their place of rest as the aluminum legs and nylon cover are extremely durable and sturdy . The material also allows for very easy clean up! This bed is most suitable for hot weather locations as they won’t get too warm when lounging on this bed. The Kuranda Dog Bed is elevated, but can withstand up to 250 pounds at once, so even the biggest of dogs can relax and lounge on this great, unique bed! 

Majestic Pet Products Bagel Donut Dog Bed

Bagel and donut shaped beds are perfect for dogs who love to be cuddled by their bed as they sleep. Majestic Pet Products gives us their Bagel Donut Dog Bed that is perfect for your pet. Made with a durable micro-suede fabric, the bed itself can hold up to a good amount of scratching from our adventurous friends. The polyfill material on the inside gives the bed a nice cushion and support for the sleeping pup. The base of the bed is also waterproof, so if there are any spills or anything near it, it should hold up just fine. In case of any big messes, the whole bed is machine washable! The Bagel Donut Dog Bed comes in multiple sizes, so it’s accommodating to the smallest and biggest of furry friends!