No one likes when they're walking their dog and they pull all the time. Harnesses are a great way to keep your dog secure and keep them from pulling. Here are some US made dog harnesses that will prevent a lot of the pulling from your dog!

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness 

One of the top harnesses on the market is the rabbitgoo dog harness. With a design that distributes pulling pressure along the whole body, it will be much easier to control your dogs pulling while also preventing choking. An easy to put on and take off capability makes it a breeze for both owner and pet. Made from a soft breathable material with texture and padding, this harness will be very comfortable and ventilation will be top notch. Side straps help adjust the fit and with four different sizes, finding the right fit should be no trouble at all. 

Blueberry Pet Harness

This lightweight harness has a design that will keep your dog from pulling as well as looking very stylish. Made from durable mesh, oxford, and polyester materials, this harness will also be comfortable and the buckles and D-rings will help keep it durable and secure. There’s also no need to worry about getting this harness dirty as it is completely machine washable! Choose from a variety of colors and designs to keep your dog from pulling on your next walk! 

Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

This vest-style harness will help you keep great control of your dog when on walks or hikes. With a handle on top of the vest, it adds even more control and is very useful if you have a dog that is still young. The Kurgo harness is made from durable, breathable, lightweight materials that are bound to keep your pup comfortable. This harness is also extremely easy to put on and take off with its quick release buckling system! 

HDP Big Dog No Pull Harness

This no pull harness by HDP is great for keeping control of your dog. Even if they manage to escape your grasp, this harness is reflective and helps your dog become even more visible. A leash is attached to the strong D-ring on the harness to keep control of your dog. There is also a handle on top of the harness for some added control if needed. With four different sizes and adjustable straps for fit, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a harness that fits. 

Ruffwear Everyday No Pull Harness

This harness from Ruffwear is sure to give you optimal control of your rowdy dog! With two leash attachment points, you can decide on how much control you want depending on the pulling power of your pooch. The attachment points are made of aluminum reinforced with webbing, providing a durable and safe connection. This harness is hassle free to put on as it slips over your dog’s head and is secured with side release buckles. With different sizes and adjustable straps, your dog will be able to fit into this harness with ease. 

PUPTECK No Pull Dog Harness

The PUPTECK No Pull Dog Harness is a simple and inexpensive option for owners who need to prevent some pulling. The harness is made from high quality nylon fabric with high density webbing that adds some durability. The adjustable straps provide security while also being flexible enough for needed comfort. It’s a simple to use harness as it's easy to put on and take off and is secured with D-rings and plastic clip closures. It’s also available in multiple colors and sizes! A simple, but very effective harness for everyday use.