Protecting your pets when every minute counts.

Ensure the safety and care of your family pets.

Protecting your pets when every minute counts.

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More than 10 million pets go missing in the U.S. every year. While microchipping your pet is essential, your pet is still at risk of being injured if lost, before being transported to a vet or shelter where their microchip can be scanned.

Intellitag ensures your pet's safety by instantly providing your pet's rescuer at the first point of contact with unlimited contact information and pet-care instructions. Simultaneously, Intellitag calls, emails, and texts you that your lost pet has been found. If you're unable to respond, a text and email are then sent to your backup network, ensuring your family pet's safe and quick return home.

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“My pet never runs away"

Every year more than 10 million pets go missing and over 6 million are killed on roadways in the U.S. alone. Many pets never make it home due to delayed recovery times.

“My number's on my tag”

While a phone number on your pet's tag is important, they are often worn and difficult to read. Also, a pet parent's availability cannot be predicted or guaranteed. Intellitag email and text communications serve as a vital backup to the phone number on your tag, ensuring your pet's safe and quick return home.

“My pet has a microchip”

Microchips are only successful in reuniting pets with their families 52% of the time. They can migrate in pets' bodies and become undetectable. Further, pets waiting for someone willing to transport them to a vet or shelter to be scanned are exposed to the dangers of being fatally injured.

“My pet has a GPS”

GPS devices are often costly, inaccurate, and have short battery lives. Additionally, they only assist in providing a pet's approximate location, and do not provide a pet rescuer with the information to care for your pet or automated communication tools to reunite you with your lost pet.

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