When an unforeseen life event happens, we provide you with the peace of mind to know your pets are safe.

Pet Notify™ is the voice for pets and their pawrents when neither can call out for help. When an unforeseen life event happens, Pet Notify™ alerts your trusted contacts to care for your pets while simultaneously providing your last known location to facilitate emergency response.  

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Pet Safety & Protection

Our mission is to ensure the safety of pets and their pawrents no matter the circumstances. Here's how we do it:

Automated Alarms

Automated alarm notifications to your emergency contacts for the immediate care of your pets when you are unable to be there for them.

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Trusted Contacts

In the event of an alarm, we'll supply your chosen contacts with all the information they'll need to enter your home and take care of your pets.

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SOS Alarm

When an SOS alarm is self-activated, we’ll let your emergency contacts know your current location, ensuring someone knows where you are.

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“I know that if I don’t make it home, my emergency network is coming for me… and my companion animals.  Brilliant idea for pets AND people!”
“I now have the reassurance that my family and friends will know if something unforeseen has happened and come to the rescue of my animals.”
“Pet Notify ensures that my neighbor knows if something happened to me so my dog will not anguish and suffer.”
“When I broke down on a desolate road one night out of cell range, Pet Notify was a lifesaver for me … and for my precious pup locked up at home alone.”
“This is the best pet family management tool ever! It creates structure and regime in my household teaching my children pet responsibility.”

Pet Care & Family Management

We include a suite of tools to make your day-to-day pet management easier.

Pet Vault™

All of your pet's important information is safely stored and sharable in case of an emergency.

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Tasks & Appointments

Easily assign tasks to your contacts. Whether it's walking the dog or taking your cat to the vet.

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Alarm and task notifications are handled through SMS messages with email notifications as backup.

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Available on iOS and Android

Our app works across multiple platforms, allowing you to use Pet Notify™ regardless of the device you use.

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Simple pricing

Billing shouldn't be complicated. Once you subscribe to Pet Notify™, go ahead and add as many pets and create as many tasks as you'd like. We're not about limitations.

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Annual Billing

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