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The smart pet tag that truly protects your pets.

Losing a pet is traumatic for your entire family.

Every year, more than 10 million pets go missing in the U.S. In fact, 1 in 3 pets go missing at least once in their lifetime and many never return home.  

The longer your pet is missing, the less chance for a safe return home. When every minute counts, a phone number on your tag is simply not enough.

Intellitag pairs with the Pet Notify app. If your pet were to become lost, Intellitag will text, email, and call you and your back up emergency network with the location of your lost pet, preventing lifesaving communications from going missed.

Minimizing the dangerous gap in time to ensure their safe return home.

Lost pets are exposed to dangers that can prevent their safe return home. No pet parent can afford to take this risk. Intellitag's patented notification system minimizes that dangerous gap in time, allowing for their quick and safe return home.

A better way to recover your lost pet.

Our patented notification system will automatically call, text, and email you if your lost pet is found. If you're unable to respond we'll contact your emergency back-up contacts to ensure your pet's safe return home.








Your family pet is lost.

Family pet is found.

Pet rescuer enters the 8 digit number on the back of your pet's Intellitag on our web site,

We send you pick up instructions.

Pet rescuer's contact information with pick up instructions are sent to you through SMS, email, and phone notifications.

If you’re unavailable.

We'll send SMS and email notifications to your back-up emergency contacts, with the pet rescuers contact information and pet pick-up instructions.

Who's picking up the pet?

We notify all parties who is taking responsibility for picking up the lost pet.

Confirmation pet is safe.

We confirm that your lost pet has been recovered, and is safe.

You’re reunited with your lost pet.

A better way to recover your lost pet.

Our patented notification system will automatically call, text, and email you if your lost pet is found. If you're unable to respond we'll contact your emergency back-up contacts to ensure your pet's safe return home.








Pet rescuer finds pet and enters the pet's 8 digit Intellitag ID at

Pet parent receives a text, email and phone call that the pet has been found with pick up instructions.

If a parent doesn't respond, an SMS and email is sent to the pet parents backup emergency contacts to assist.

Pet parent and emergency backups are notified as to who is recovering the lost pet.

Pet rescuer is notified who is retrieving the lost pet, with any special instructions stored in the pet's vault.

Pet family is reunited with their lost pet.

Family pet is lost.

How it works

Pet parent completes Intellitag lost pet instructions.

The Intellitag lost pet instructions located in your pet's vault allow you to provide a pet rescuer with all the information necessary to quickly reunite you with your lost pet.

Pet rescuer finds your lost pet.

When a pet rescuer finds your lost pet, they simply go to and enter your pet's assigned Intellitag 8-digit identification code.

Pet rescuer provides their contact information.

We collect the pet rescuer's contact information and pick-up instructions, which is immediately shared with you.

Pet rescuer receives information to quickly reunite you with your lost pet.

Pet Notify immediately provides lifesaving information and notifications to your pet's rescuer, including your contact information and Intellitag lost pet instructions from your pet's vault.

Simultaneously, we alert you that your lost pet has been found.

We text, email, and call you with the pet rescuer's contact information to prevent lifesaving communications from being missed.

Rescuer information

John Smith

(203) 403-2030

Pickup instructions

I can only wait with Elsie for about 30 minutes as I am on my way to a job interview and then the airport. You can pick Elsie up at
2910 39th Street, Seattle WA.

Back up emergency notifications if you don't respond.

We text and email your backup emergency contacts if you don't respond, increasing the likelihood of a safe return home for your pet, even when you can't be there.


This is Pet Notify. Elsie has been found and Alex is not responding. Are you available to pick up Elsie from the pet rescuer?

You don’t respond to pet has been found notifications

We message your backup emergency contacts

We notify everyone who is picking-up your lost pet

Pet is quickly reunited with it's family

Think your pet's not at risk?

“My pet never runs

Every year more than 10 million pets go missing and over 6 million are killed on roadways in the U.S. alone. Many pets never make it home due to delayed recovery times resulting in fatal injuries, euthanasia, theft, re-adoption, and more.

“My pet's tag has my phone number”

Cell phone signals and battery life are unreliable, pet parent availability cannot be predicted nor guaranteed, and 90% of people screen phone numbers. Every pet parent should provide multiple ways to connect and have a backup network in place.

“My pet has a microchip”

Microchips are only successful in reuniting pets with their families 52% of the time. They can migrate in pets' bodies and become undetectable. Further, pets waiting for someone willing to transport them to a vet or shelter to be scanned are exposed to the dangers of being fatally injured.

“My pet has a GPS device”

GPS devices are often costly, inaccurate, and have short battery lives. Additionally, they only assist in providing a pet's approximate location, and also do not provide a pet rescuer with the information and automated communication tools to reunite you with your lost pet.

Here’s what else you get with your Pet Notify FREE subscription.  

Store all your pet's information in one secure place.

Pet Vault®️

The Pet Vault is a centralized place for storing and sharing pet care information, health records, insurance, Intellitag lost pet instructions, and everything else.

Learn more about storing essential pet information


Pet safety when you can’t make it home.

Sometimes we can’t be there for our pets when they need us the most. Alarms notify your trusted contacts to provide care when you can't be there.

Learn more about protecting your pets when you’re away


Never forget to buy the dog food again.

Create a task, set a date, then assign it to yourself or another pet-care provider. We’ll remind the person to whom you assigned the task to make sure it gets done and let you know the task has been completed.

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