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Connecting you with your lost pet's rescuer.

Intellitag instantly provides your pet's rescuer with complete contact information and pet-care instructions. Simultaneously, Intellitag will phone, text, and email you when your lost pet is found and reach out to your backup emergency network if you cannot respond for total pet protection.

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Store and share crucial pet care information.

Pet Vault®️

The Pet Vault is a centralized place for storing and sharing pet care information, health records, insurance, Intellitag lost pet instructions, and everything else.

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Pet Alarms

Pet protection when you're unable to call for help.

Sometimes we can’t be there for our pets when they need us the most. Pet Notify alarms notifies your trusted contacts to provide care for your pets when unanticipated emergencies arise and you cannot call for help.

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Pet Tasks

Always know your pets are being cared for.

Create a pet task, set a date, then assign it to yourself, a family member, or a pet care provider. We’ll remind the person to who you assigned the task to ensure it gets done and let you know when the task has been completed.

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Trusted Contacts

People you trust when you cannot be there for your pets.

Trusted contacts are those we will automatically communicate with on your behalf for lifesaving alerts and task notifications when you cannot be there for your pets or call for help.

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Pet Vault information storage & sharing with pet-care providers

Pet care alarms when you can't be there for your pets

Pet task assignments to family & care providers

Intellitag monitoring, alerts, and lost pet notifications - Unlimited household pets

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