September is the month to recognize Pet Sitter Education Month! Pet Sitters International (PSI) created this month-long event to highlight pet sitters’ commitment to continuing pet sitting education and promoting the educational offerings available to today’s pet sitters. 

There are many misconceptions when it comes to pet sitters. There is a belief that all pet sitters are the “kid down the street” or the “pet lover looking for some extra cash.” However, there are many full-time pet sitting professionals and almost 90% of these professionals have completed at least some of college! To help these professionals, PSI has provided many resources such as pet-sitter webinars, eBooks, downloads, and other training. These resources help educate pet sitters, allowing them to take the best care of your pets!

What Information Should Be Given to Pet Sitters?

There is a plethora of information that should be given to pet sitters so they can properly take care of your pets. This information should include things like dietary preferences and restrictions, allergies, emergency contact information, and special notes regarding care instructions. These will make it easier for the pet sitter to take care of your furry friend! 

Not only should this information be given to your pet sitter, it should also be uploaded to your Pet Notify Pet Vault! Your Pet Vault is a secure place to store all vital information and care instructions for your pets. This information can be shared with your pet service providers along with emergency contacts, which can include your pet sitter! Along with the information mentioned earlier, you can include other pet information such as a photo, name, breed, medical records, estate planning documents (Pet Trusts), third party service providers, and more! The Pet Vault will keep all of this information safe and secure and will allow you to give this information to those who can help in a time of need!