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The Smart Pet Tag for Smart Pet Parents™

Intellitag reunites lost pets with their pawrents fast and efficiently, driven by a unique 8-digit code assigned to your pet.

When your lost pet is found, the pet’s rescuer enters the pet name and 8-digit code listed on your Intellitag at www.petnotify.com/found, with the rescuer’s contact information and the pet’s location. Intellitag then automatically calls, texts, and emails you the information received from the pet rescuer. Simultaneously, Intellitag provides the pet rescuer with a photo of your pet and any special care instructions or contact information you want to provide, ensuring your pet’s safe return home.

If you are not available to respond, Pet Notify ensures your pet will receive the help they need, by automatically messaging your emergency contacts to assist in retrieving your lost pet.

Don’t risk losing your best friend forever. Ensure your pets have the protection they deserve with the Intellitag.  

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Pet Vault®

Easily store and share photos, vet records, feeding instructions, and more.    

The Pet Vault is a powerful information storage tool, which allows you to organize your pet’s important documents, care instructions, and care provider contact information, and share it with anyone whenever you need. The Pet Vault is the heart of the Pet Notify Suite, working with other Pet Notify pet-protection tools to keep your pets safe.

Have an emergency? If your Pet Notify alarm activates, we will automatically share your Pet Vault information with your emergency contacts to ensure the immediate and proper care of your pet.

Escape artist problem? If your pet runs away from home while wearing an Intellitag, we will send designated information from your Pet Vault to the pet’s rescuer, such as a picture of your pet, contact information, and any special care instructions, ensuring your pet’s safe return home.

Pet Alarms

Don't let your pets suffer alone when you can't be there for them.

Have you ever considered what would happen to your pets if something happened to you? How long would you want them to wait, alone and unable to fend for themselves?

With Pet Notify Alarms, someone will always care for your pets when they need help the most. If something happens to you, we will automatically reach out to your emergency contacts with SMS and email messages, notifying them that your pets need help, without you having to call or press a button. Your responding emergency contact will receive access to your Pet Vault, providing them with the information they need to care for your pets.

We know that your pets depend on you, and we want to get you safely home to them. So, we also send your last known location to your emergency contacts, in case you need help too.

Pet Tasks

Give the pets you love the consistent care they need.

With Pet Notify tasks, your beloved companion animals never have to go without the care they need and deserve. Simply assign one or more pet-related tasks to yourself, family members, or outside pet-care providers, and Pet Notify will remind your designated contacts about their assigned tasks via text and email.

Pet Notify will also alert you when each task is completed, and will automatically follow up on overdue tasks, ensuring your pet’s needs are cared for. You can even set certain tasks to repeat, automating pet-care responsibilities and family communications.

Pet Care & Emergency Contacts

Your pets are family, so make sure you have people you trust to take care of them.

Pet Notify lets you build a list of your trusted contacts. When your emergency alarm goes off, or you assign a pet-related task, we make sure the communications are going to someone you can trust to take care of your pets in the same manner that you would care for them if you could be there.

From walking the dog, to picking up your pets during an emergency, Pet Notify ensures your trusted contacts are there to assist when you and your pets need help the most.

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