Co-Authored: Aaron Fong

Sometimes it’s nice to get a break in life and get away from everything, and dogs can feel the same way! This is a short list of some dog parks that your furry friend will be wagging their tail for! So, take some time off of work, grab some tennis balls, and get ready to go to some of the best dog park locations in the U.S.!

Warren G. Magnuson Park (Seattle, Washington)

Usually in Seattle dogs are required to be on a leash, but not at this park. Your little friend is allowed to roam wild in the off-leash portions of the park. And trust me there are many options. Being one of the most widely used parks in all of the Seattle area, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Not only do you have 350 acres to scavenge, you and your pup also have plenty of water access to cool off on those unbearably hot days! Within those 350 acres, there are trails, sports fields, and tons of grassy fields! So when a warm day arrives in Seattle, make sure to check out Magnuson Park with your dog! 

Country Kennels Dawg Water Park (Murrieta, California)

Talk about the perfect destination for your pup. Costing only a few dollars upon entry, your pup is given access to a pool, fake grass, and toys galore. You can decide what kind of activities your pup does, whether it be in a group or individual. Country Kennels also offers services such as training sessions, photo sessions, and maintenance brushing! This is essentially a vacation destination for your pet! There is a lovely waiting area and lots of benches for you humans out there to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights the park has to offer. With all these features and more, it leaves us wondering why you aren’t there right now!

Dog Town Dog Park (Washington City, Utah)

This is a must-see dog park area. With gorgeous ponds for your pups to pounce in, and a separate area for dogs under 25 pounds to play, this is an ideal and safe spot to bring your dog! The park is known to be well maintained, and there are also a lot of features for you humans as well! This includes a play area for your kids, park benches, and lots of places to explore! This park is one of the best for those who are traveling long distances and need a place for both you and your pet to stretch out those legs! So get out of the house, bring the family, and enjoy a gorgeous day at the park.

MUTTS Canine Cantina (Dallas, Texas)

Now talk about a place you and your dog can equally enjoy. MUTTS Canine Cantina is a wonderful place where you humans can enjoy freshly made food and drink inside of a dog friendly environment, while your pup roams in the off-leash dog park to run around and cool off in gorgeous water features. A slice of heaven that you and your dog can explore together! Keep in mind that MUTTS dog park is membership required, so if you are interested, make sure to become a member! They offer many benefits of becoming a member as well, such as being able to throw a birthday party for your best furry friend! With its masterfully crafted foods, and tasty dog menu, this is a great location for even the furriest of family members. 

LeaWoof Dog Park (Leawood, Kansas) 

This lovely place is quite the spectacle. Open from sunrise to sunset, this place has loads of things to keep you busy while your pup lets off some much-needed steam. You could spend the day swimming, playing tennis, and enjoying grass fields, while your pup does the same in the same park! The park is well tended to, with plenty of space for your dog to run around in, and there is even an agility course for your dog to use to stay in great shape! This park even has a couple trails that you can roam if the dog park is a little too crowded, or you’re just looking for something a bit more relaxing. It’s time to bring out the family and leave the leash, because this puppy park is off leash as well.

Tails N Trails Dog Park (Milton, Wisconsin) 

Tails N Trails is a tasteful 15 acres and you can explore every inch! Tails N Trails boasts two fenced areas, one for the larger dogs and one for smaller dogs, to keep a safe and friendly environment for dogs of all sizes. There is also a neutral playground for those small dogs who love to mingle and make friends with the larger dogs! This park is known for its glorious trails and its clean water source that’s safe for your furry friend! Tails N Trails is open to everyone and is hoping to become self-sufficient through the generous donations of those who love dogs! 

The Barklands of Beckley Creek Park (Louisville, Kentucky)

This nifty park is a great place to take your pup! The Barklands consists of three separated “zones”, one for large dogs, one for smaller, and the last to be maintained while the others are in use. After a certain amount of time passes, the areas will rotate to keep each area well-tended. This park is great for your furry friend to run and roll around in, in a safe and friendly environment, leash-free of course. The Barklands is run by the Louisville Dog Run Association and you need to be a member of them in order to visit this park. Signing up for a membership is very easy, and the membership helps maintain the park and keep it as beautiful as it is! 

Frick Park (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Talk about a park where a dog can run in! With 644 acres, there is no limit to the exploring you and your pup can do. This massive park has two fenced-in areas for your dog to go off leash! Not to mention a swimming hole that is perfect for those extra hot days. Another giant plus is that the trails are plentiful in this park, so you and Fido have plenty to keep busy with on your next Saturday. Doggy bags and water fountains are scattered throughout the park making clean up and staying hydrated easily accessible inside of this massive park. Be careful on days that may be wet, as the ground will get pretty muddy so bring a towel to clean off the furry guy! 

West Orange Dog Park (Winter Garden, Florida)

If you are in the Central Florida area, West Orange Dog Park is a must go for you and your pet. Winter Garden, Florida boasts this beautiful dog park that has both small and large dog areas. With plenty of shady areas and a concrete path to walk on, it’s a good place to let your dog run rampant and then take a walk on the path. West Orange Dog Park has plenty of balls to chase, mulch to dig, and even time out pens for if your little friend is acting up. Sometimes, there is a paddling pool for your pet to cool off in, but if it’s not there, then there is a water fountain for both you and a hose for your dog. There are also plenty of plastic baggies to pick up after your dog, so please do!