Grab your camera, July 26 is National Dog Photography Day! This day is a chance to stop and appreciate your pup, while also sharing their cuteness with others. A dog is a man's best friend, so make this day an opportunity to spend some time with your dog and snap a few fun pictures for the memories. We all know how hard it can be to take perfect pictures of our pups, so planning out the day and arranging the session at an ideal time is crucial. Keep in mind your dog's sleep and play schedule and decide what type of shots you want to take (e.g. more relaxed, portrait-style photos or fun action shots). This will make it an easier and more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog!

Some other tips and tricks are listed below to ensure that you can snap the best pictures of your pal!

How to achieve the perfect angle:

Positioning is what makes or breaks a photo. Typically you will get a better perspective if you get down on the same level as your dog. Depending on the breed of dog and the landscape surrounding you, it may even mean sitting on the floor or crouching down.

How to set the scene:

Another key aspect is to make sure that your furry pal is the focal point of the picture. Consequently, look at what will be seen in the photo prior to taking the picture and make sure that there are no distractions in the background of the photo, and if there is something in the way, feel free to move around so that the background does not compete with the subject!

How to get a cooperative model:

It is also very helpful to train your dog to sit and wait. Not only is this helpful in the daily life aspect, but it will also yield to an easier photoshoot session when your dog isn’t moving around constantly, and instead, is cooperative with you.

How to get them to strike a pose:

If you want to get creative and get a cute head tilt from your pup for the picture, try making noises that your dog hasn’t heard before — this will pique their interest and lead to that heart-melting head tilt.

How to find the perfect lighting:

If you are taking pictures on a bright and sunny day, try taking pictures of your dog in an evenly shaded area so that you get soft, even light instead of harsh shadows. This will help warrant that the picture is not overexposed and likewise that there are no splotchy shade marks from the surroundings, such as from tree leaves for example.

How to keep them calm:

Make yourself, and your dog, feel as comfortable as possible. The setting of the photoshoot has a major impact on how the dog feels and behaves. Photography done with bright flashes or in studios can be something that is unfamiliar and strange for your dog and cause them to be nervous. If you take the pictures in a park or even your backyard the pup is more likely to look more comfortable and at ease on camera.

Similarly, we suggest that you take into account the character and personality of your pup into consideration when you are thinking of what pictures you want to take. The ultimate, most endearing pictures tend to be the ones that depict their personalities best. However, this doesn't have to be complicated whatsoever. Simply put, take pictures of your dog when (s)he is being him/herself. If your dog is very chill and loves to sleep, snap a pic when they’re yawning or laying down relaxing, if your dog loves to play with toys snap a pic while it’s doing that, if your dog loves to eat snap a pic of him/her enjoying their favorite snack, and so forth.

Most importantly, have fun!

Don’t forget what it’s all about! Ultimately just make sure that you and your dog are having fun, enjoying each other's company, and strengthening the bond you share!

We encourage you to get involved in the fun celebration of National Dog Photography Day, and share pictures of your dog(s) on social media by tagging us @PetNotify or by using the #petnotify hashtag!

How to upload their new headshot to the Pet Vault

Using the photography tips from up above, you can also snap the perfect photo of your furry friend for their Pet Notify Pet Vault! To upload a photo, open the mobile app or desktop version of Pet Notify, navigate to the Pet Vault tab, and click the profile of the pet you’d like to add a photo of. On your desktop computer, click “Upload Photo” and select the image you wish to use, and in the mobile app, click “Add Photo.” If you already have a photo set and would like to change the photo, click “Remove Photo” on desktop or click on the current photo on mobile and select “Choose Photo” or “Take Photo.” Not only does this make your Pet Notify account more personalized and adorable, but in the case that your furry companion ever goes missing, it can help a pet rescuer confirm that they have the right pet (find out how here).