From August 10 to August 16, we are celebrating Give a Dog a Bone Week! This week is observed to raise awareness and help local communities across the United States raise donations of pet food and supplies for pets of the homeless population. The need for pet food and pet supplies has increased, and that’s where Pets of the Homeless comes into play! Pets of the Homeless brings together over 200 pet food donation sites around America during Give a Dog a Bone Week to help those in need. If you want to donate here is how:

Donation of Pet Food and Supplies

Donating pet food and supplies is one way of helping out during Give a Dog a Bone Week! If you have a donation site near you, you can drop off pet food and supplies directly to them during this week! If you don’t have a location nearby, you can drop-ship pet food and supplies to local food banks and shelters in your community!

‍Donation of Money

You can also donate money to help out during Give a Dog a Bone Week. These cash donations will help Pets of the Homeless provide services such as emergency veterinary care to animals in need. It also allows them to provide crates for shelters that can keep pets and humans together!

If you choose to donate in either of these manners, it will be providing much-needed supplies to pets of the homeless in your area and across the nation!