July 1st is National ID Your Pet Day, a day to serve as an annual check-in for you, as a pet owner, to make sure that your pets’ identification information is up to date. Every pet owner's worst fear is losing their pet, as such it is crucial to remember to not only identify your pet, by either microchipping them or having a collar with an ID tag on them at all times but also to make sure all of the information is correct. It is also a very good idea to make sure even your indoor-only pets have an ID because you never know what mishap can happen and that ID could be a lifesaver. In fact, this topic is so important that ASPCA designated a whole day, July 1st, to be an annual reminder for pet owners to check all pet ID information. Conveniently, it is right before July 4th — a day that can cause pets to become spooked and more prone to running away. It is also important to note that pets tend to be outside more during the summer months, again making it easier for them to run away. Oftentimes a pet ID is a sole reason that a pet can be found and reunited with the owner.

Luckily, Intellitag gives pet owners an even greater sense of reassurance and peace of mind. Intellitag is a smart pet tag that helps to reunite lost pets with owners more quickly through automated information and pet-care exchange with the rescuer of your pet. Your pets’ safe and quick return home is also ensured by simultaneous phone, email, and text alerts being sent out to you and your emergency contact backup network if need be. One might still wonder how exactly Intellitag works, and it truly is quite simple. Each Intellitag has an engraving of your pet’s name, a unique 8-digit ID number, and the URL of petnotify.com/found. In the case that your pet gets lost, the rescuer would go to the URL and enter the information on your pets Intellitag, and Pet Notify will immediately send out the phone, email, and text alerts to you with all of the information that is needed for you to be reunited with your pet. If you do not respond within fifteen minutes, then your emergency contact will be notified as well to help you become reunited with your pet. The rescuer will also be sent any lost pet instructions that you provided and uploaded to your pet's vault so that they know how to care for your pet until you are able to get there.

Do not fall victim to losing your pet, life happens and it can happen to you too. Never assume that your pet will never run away just because they never have before. The statistics are sad as there are over ten million pets that go missing every single year and many of them never make it home. Make sure to check your pet’s ID information today and always keep it updated, and for an extra peace of mind get your pet an Intellitag. Oftentimes a pet just having a microchip, GPS device, or phone number on the tag is not enough for a speedy reunion. Be prepared, stay safe, and keep your pet a priority!