A cat’s meow can have a ton of different meanings based on the sound and variation of it. So, why do cats meow? Let’s take a look at some possible translations for cat talk!

Saying Hi

A cat’s meow can be a simple hi! So, when you get home and your cat meows, say hi back because they are greeting you! 

I’m Hurt

If your cat begins to meow a lot, take them to the veterinarian to be evaluated, because they may be telling you they’re hurt. Your cat’s meow could indicate an injury, especially if it isn’t typical. 

I Want Food

This meow is usually one all cat owners will know. Many cats know what meow to use when they want to tell owners they are hungry! Around certain times of the day, they will meow and we will grow accustomed to recognizing it as dinner time!

If your cat keeps you up at night with this type of meowing, try using Pet Notify’s Pet Tasks to keep a consistent feeding schedule!

I’m Stressed

Cats who are stressed may be more vocal than normal, meaning they will meow much more. The most common scenario of stress meowing is when you are on your way to the veterinarian and your cat is meowing constantly. If you think your cat is stressed and meowing a lot, show them some affection! 

Pay Attention to Me

Sometimes cats just want your attention. After some time, they will learn that meowing will gain your attention! This meow for attention may be an indicator of them wanting to play, be petted, or that they just want to spend time with you!

Let Me In!

Have you ever had your bedroom door closed and your cat is meowing on the outside? This is most likely them saying “Let me in!”. Some cats don’t like to be alone, so the closing of a door between you and them may cause them to meow! If this is the case, leave the door open for your little friend! 

I’m Getting Older

Increased vocalization is pretty common in older cats. As cats age, their cognitive function may decrease and be demonstrated in a variety of ways, such as loud meowing!

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