Hiking your favorite trail is one of the best feelings around and it only gets better when you have your four-legged companion with you! That’s why I decided to compile some of the best hiking locations around the US so you and your pet can take on new adventures and explore the great outdoors. So, pack up your most needed hiking essentials and get ready to take in some of the best hikes in the United States. 

Duck Pass Trail (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

The Duck Pass Traill is tucked into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is considered the best trail in Mammoth Lakes. This 5.5-mile trail has everything. With high peaks that to beautiful valleys, Duck Pass Trail allows you to experience a variety of great things. Arrowhead, Skeleton, and Barney Lakes are along the way before you get to Duck Pass. As you go past Duck Pass, you can visit Duck Lake, a beautiful lake with extremely deep-blue color. Your furry friend can take a dip at any time to cool off in either of these lakes! Duck Pass Trail is a must-do for the hike lover and make sure you bring your pet along the way!

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Mammoth Lakes

Kealia Trail (Oahu, HI)

Hiking trails in Hawaii are always beautiful, but the Kealia Trail stands out above the rest. The hike is bit more difficult than a lot of other trails, so be prepared for an adventure! This dog-friendly trail is 7.6 miles in total, but can be much shorter if you wanted it to be. Filled with wildflowers and different wildlife, this is a beautiful hike. At the top of the Kealia Trail, you can check out the view of Dillingham Airfield. Sometimes there are even fixed wing-gliders that you watch! Be aware that you must keep your dog on leash, as only hunting dogs are allowed off-leash on this trail! If you are ever in Hawaii or live there, this is a must do with your pet! 

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Kealia Trail

Turkey Creek Trail (Austin, TX)

Turkey Creek is located in the near Austin, Texas and the hike is a manageable 2.8 miles. With a creek running through the trail, be prepared to walk over some rocks! Your furry companion may feel obliged to take a dip in the water so be prepared for that too! Most of the trail is covered with overhead foliage so hot days won’t be too bad, considering that hot weather is very typical in Austin. Turkey Creek trail is also an off-leash trail so your pet can go explore without a leash! 

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Turkey Creek Trail

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (Okeechobee, FL)

This trail goes around the second largest lake in United States, Lake Okeechobee. With the scenic trail covering 109 miles, it is broken up it to many manageable trails. With many parts of the trail offering beautiful views of the lake, this hike will be excellent for both you and your dog. With plenty of recreational areas to rest under, gazebos. and benches, you could realistically be here for hours! Along the trail is the Herbert Hoover Dike that sits 35 feet high, allowing for elevated views of Lake Okeechobee. Sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous when the sky is clear so getting out there around those times would be ideal if you were looking for a great view. Many of the trails are under construction at the moment so be aware of that and check to see which ones are available! 

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Lake Okeechobee Trail

Red Rocks Trail (Morrison, CO)

Red Rocks Trail is located near Morrison, Colorado. Within the park is the 6 miles round trip Red Rocks Trail. With dogs allowed on leash, this trail will give you and your four-legged friend some of the greatest views you’ll see. The giant red rock formations create out of this world views and will likely be remembered forever. This hike is a little more difficult, so coming prepared is very important. With little to no shade make sure to bring a hat, lots of water, and sunscreen. Beware of mountain bikers as this is also a very popular place to bike. 

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Red Rocks Trail

Stewart Falls Trail (Pleasant Grove, UT) 

Located on the east side of Mount Timpanogos, this 3.4-mile trail is one of the hiking gems of Utah. Covered with wild flowers, wild life, and a river, this trail has it all and is not too difficult. The highlight of the trail is Stewart Falls. At over 200 feet, Stewart Falls is one of the most scenic views in Utah. This trail is at its best between May and October. The trail becomes very snowy during the winter months so be mindful and remember your snowshoes. If your pet is a fan of the snow, then this may be the perfect winter trail for the two of you! Keep in mind that there is a $6 entry fee for a three-day pass, which can be paid for at a tollbooth on the Alpine Scenic Loop. 

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Stewart Falls